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Hlavinka & Associates

Estate Planning, Probate and Commercial Law

Practice Areas

ESTATE PLANNING - the area of law that deals with planning for the inevitability of death, such as obtaining life insurance to pay for the costs of a funeral, preparing a simple Will, and other preparations. More comprehensive planning, such as preparing a more complex Will, Trust, and related estate planning documents may also be needed. It depends on the size of your estate and how comprehensive your needs are.

PROBATE AND TRUST ADMINISTRATION - the area of law dealing with the validity of wills administration of estates and sometimes over the affairs of minors and persons adjudged incompetent.

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS - the law dealing with "property" consisting of land, buildings, crops, or other resources still attached to or within the land or improvements or fixtures permanently attached to the land or a structure on it.

LAND TITLES - the area of law that deals with research and analysis of titles to land, oil, gas and other minerals, and personal property, and the documentation and legal protection of those titles.

BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS AND ADMINISTRATIVE - the area of law that involves the creation and needs of "business". Business can be any activity or enterprise entered into for profit, usually a company, a corporation, partnership, or any such formal organization.

INTERNATIONAL LAW - a group of laws, rules, or principles that a

re based on custom, treaties, or legislation and that control or affect the duties and rights of sovereign nations in relation to each other