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Hlavinka & Associates

Estate Planning, Probate and Commercial Law

About Us

Paul T. Hlavinka, a Houston attorney with over 30 years experience in real estate and business transactions, estate planning and international law, over the years has actively served in area charitable, church and university alumni causes. He was educated at Rice University (BA 1973), and holds an MA in Journalism (1977) and law degree (1977) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mr. Hlavinka provides clientele with a combination of "the breadth and scope of a comprehensive legal team with the personal services and reasonable fee structure of an individual practitioner". He accomplishes this by maintaining associative relationships with attorney-CPAs, an LLM in taxation, and senior attorneys in various other areas of specialization, including general litigation, commercial collections, taxation, elder law, estates and trusts and international business transactions.

The overall approach is not unlike that of the traditional, old-time family doctor, an individual who becomes closely involved and readily familiar with the aches and ailments of his patients, and who knows their needs without having to start from scratch each time. We work closely with our clients, many of whom have been with us for a couple of decades, dealing with a comprehensive range of legal issues, referring out matters of complex litigation and bringing in recognized experts for consultation where the circumstances require.